Silk Sleep Mask pink/ raspberry

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An undisturbed sleep phase is crucial for your health and well-being.


If the depth of your sleep is disturbed by exposure to light, it is less restful as a result. Only when darkness sets in does the body produce the important hormone melatonin. 

Anti Aging Effect

The amino acids and proteins contained in silk have been shown to improve skin regeneration and reduce moisture loss to reduce wrinkles around the eyes.  Our handmade sleeping mask will prove to be your stylish accessory and ideal beauty utensil not only at home, but also when travelling!

Treat yourself to the complete anti-aging sleep set at a great price.


  • Material: 94% silk with 6% elastane, silk filling, raspberry velvet piping
  • Size & Fit: H 11 cm , W 22 cm, (h 4,3' x w 86' inch) elastic band covered with silk
  • Care: We recommend hand wash or machine wash for silk at 30°C
  • 100% handmade with love in Germany

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