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Dermatologists and beauty experts agree - a silk pillowcase is one of the most effective inventions in your beauty!
Anti-aging effect

While cotton draws moisture from the skin, the proteins and amino acids contained in silk nourish our skin, thus maintaining its elasticity and moisture. The fine fabric has been proven to reduce friction on the skin and thus protect against the formation of wrinkles. Care products applied in the evening remain on the facial skin and are not absorbed by the cover.

Minimising skin blemishes and redness

Due to the antibacterial and antifungal effect of silk, bacteria and fungi do not stand a chance. Skin impurities and redness are minimised.

Heat regulator

Silk has a cooling effect in summer and a warming effect in winter.

Hair care

Silk proteins regulate sebum production and thus reduce greasy hair. Tangled knots and frizz can be "relaxed" with a silk pillow. 
Due to the fine texture of the natural fibre and the smooth surface, the friction between fabric and hair is much lower. Sleeping on a silk pillow reduces split ends.


Ideal for itchy skin conditions such as rosacea, dermatitis and eczema. 


  • Material: 94% silk, 6% elastane, black velvet piping 
  • Size & Fit: 40cm x 80cm, (15,7' x 31,5') hotel closure
  • Care: We recommend hand wash or machine wash for silk at 30°C.
  • 100% handmade with love in Germany

We will gladly sew your desired size, please contact our service team:

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